If you look at liberal politics, states like California and New York, destroyed liberal strongholds like Detroit, then you can see its no mystery why Detroit has fallen. Detroit automakers have always had a terminal disease in its industries due to unions. As you can see by watching the video below, Detroit, Michigan is in shambles.

Detroit: From Motown To Murder Town

Listed below are a few of the more interesting points we’ve noted from the video.

  • Looking at the blighted remains of Detroit, its very difficult to see the former glory of the great America city.
  • Detroit is so violent, that normal citizens have to keep weapons in order to have a chance at being safe.
  • Even church congregations don’t feel safe as they have been robbed at gunpoint on many occasions.
  • Detroit is home to two great industries; the auto industry, and the music industry. Both have suffered.
  • The people of the Detroit need to realize they were sold out by Asian Slave Labor, Auto Workers’ Insurance, Communist Socialist Worker Unions, and democrats. Even Barack “The Fraud” Obama had to step in and socialize the auto industry.