Last month I was driving down the highway when an Austin, TX police officer working with the Austin Police Department pulled me over. I was not very nervous because I knew I had done nothing wrong. When the officer approached my car I gave him my license and he returned to his patrol car. After 10 minutes the cop comes back to my car and asked me to step outside. I asked him what was going on and he said I was under arrest. He handcuffed me and put me inside of his unit and away I went to the Travis County jail. Apparently, I had some type of felony warrant taken out one me in another county that I use to live.

Austin Police? Nervous and Really Scared

Once I arrived at the jail I was booked into the system. Fingerprints, a mugshot, and the whole nine yards was done and then I was placed in a holding cell. Three other guys were in the same cell with me and they all looked like hardened criminals. I was very scared and nervous about what was going to happen to me. This was the first time I had been locked up before and the only thing I had ever been guilty of was a misdemeanor in the past. I did not know what was going to come next!

I Called My Attorney for Jail Release Assistance

I called a lawyer that I had known in the past and he quickly came to the Travis County jail to visit me. While I did not have much money to pay him, he met with me anyway. He could not represent me but gave me some sound advice. He suggested that I contact an Austin Jail release lawyer who would help get me out. This was reassuring news and I was very happy to have someone that would help me out. I had been in jail for over week already and was ready to see my family.

Finally My Bail Was Set

My bail was set at $10,000 and after seeing the judge I was allowed to contact my jail release lawyer who then put me into contact with a bail bonds company. They were super nice and told me that for only 3% of my bond they could get me out. I was then allowed to make one more phone call and I got into contact with my mother who agreed to loan me the money for the bail bond. After bail was made I was released the very next day and was super excited to see my kids. Thanks to the PR bond I was free!

I Was Finally Released From Jail

While I still have not been to court for my felony charge, I am happy to be a free man. I know that this matter will get cleared up in court and all charges will be dropped. Once this is all over I will be very careful who I let into my life. My freedom is very important to me and thankfully I can be out of jail to fight my charge.