The Quran is evil every sense of the word and if it takes hold globally only the return of Jesus will be able to save us. See the video below to get a tighter grip on my point. Islam promotes child pedophilia amongst grown men who marry children and the murder of anyone who speaks out against Islam. I could only wish they would come for me, hehehe. Muslim men are also allowed to have sexual relations with young boys so long as they haven’t grown a beard, however, due to the evil contradictory Satanic ways of Islam, being gay is punishable by death whilst it promotes the act.

It is also revealed in the Quran that prophet Mohammed sucked the tongues of little boys and wore women’s clothing in full queer fashion. He also had a 9 year old wife that he repeatedly raped.

By the looks of it, Allah is Satan, and Mohammed was his agent. Watching this video I can tell you, its not a religion we need to have on this planet.