South of Denver, Colorado, a heinous murder occurred in the town of Littleton, a bedroom community for people hoping to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city to the north.

The killer’s name is Robert Spangler and the crime occurs in a relatively low crime area where the criminal offense of murder is rare.

This was a grisly murder.

At first, when the police discovered all the murdered people in the household, they thought it was a murder suicide, but kept their minds open as they wanted to exhaust all possibilities.

Other members of the family stated that suicide was impossible as the lady alleged to have committed the murder suicide was afraid of guns, and this crime was committed using a firearm.

Robert Spangler attempted to hide his association with the murder of his family by agreeing to take a polygraph test, but the results were inconclusive and meaningless.

At first, the coroner ruled the murder as a double murder-suicide, but things changed as new evidence was uncovered. Once Robert Spangler was tested for gun shot residue police suspicions grew. He was positive.

Robert Spangler was cold-blooded. Not only did he murder his family in his house, but after the funeral and cremation of the dead, he married his girlfriend and moved back into the house with his family was killed.