It seems like every time I check the news there is some argument about the carrying out of a death penalty by people who seem to care about their own feelings, with regard to the matter, while disregarding the victim’s pain and that of the victim’s family. I feel that this is nothing more than selfishness on the part of the weaklings that have the nerve to complain.

Why selfish?

Because if they had a loved one that was raped or murdered, the only thing they would care about is justice.

Criminals Better Think Twice

If you are a criminal, then it has to be understood that you can’t go around killing people and expect not to be put to death in return.

Fair is fair.

You kill one of mine and the legal system ain’t gonna have to do a damn thing about it.

Bleeding Heart Liberals

I always find it amazing how people, who have never been victimized in their own right, have the nerve, backed by cowardly intestinal fortitude, to  open their mouths on behalf of a convicted murder/rapist.

What if he murdered and raped your daughter?

Do The Crime Do The Time

If you don’t have a good enough criminal defense lawyer to help you beat the charge, or you can’t afford one, or don’t want to be executed, don’t kill anyone.