Milk comes from cows. Except that it doesn’t really. Milk USED to come from cows. Now it usually comes from a factory that’s interfered with the milk after it came from the cow.

That should sound ludicrous to you, but if you’re like the majority of people out there who believe what their told instead of doing their own research, you probably blindly accept it as truth. Somewhere along the way, people were brainwashed into believing that milk needs to be pasteurized in order to be safe for consumption. Why? Because the FDA insists that raw milk is bad and should never be consumed.

The whole problem is that the milk you buy in a grocery store contains harmful things, such as antibiotics, growth hormone, and other substances that are dangerous to humans. Some of these things are believed to cause cancer. It also includes a protein called casein, which is glue.

Pasteurized milk should be illegal, but instead many states have made it illegal for farmers to sell raw milk instead. Even in the states where it is legal to sell or purchase raw milk, there are all kinds of restrictions as to where and how you can obtain it. In Texas, you must travel to the farm to obtain the milk yourself. Farmers with raw milk licenses may not transport the milk to you or sell it at places like farmers markets.

The government is attempting to outlaw nature in its purest form. Raw milk has been shown to have many beneficial health effects, so why are they trying to make it so difficult to obtain?

If you’re interested in finding out what the raw milk laws are in your state or in locating a raw milk dairy, please visit   Not only does it taste better than pasteurized milk, studies have shown that it’s much better for you too.

The Raw Milk Conspiracy