All too often young black men get themselves in situations where the media can take advantage of them to push the racial division agenda of Barack Obama, the communist movement in America, and of their masters.

Why is the media so involved? Because racial debates and issues involving race in a negative way, contribute to television viewers of mainstream media programming products. Mainly CNN, commonly referred to as Communist National News and Colored Negro News, would exploit any race tragedy for the sake of getting more than the 10 viewers that they already have, and making money via the sales of advertisements.


Yes it’s true, Al Sharpton has blood on his hands right along with Jesse Jackson, but no one is pointing fingers at the news media for helping their controllers perpetuate violence against our civil servants as is the case with the two police officers ruthlessly murdered in New York over the past few days.

Everyone needs to get a good dose of Jesus Christ in their life, learn to love their neighbor regardless of what happened 300 years ago, and work with that neighbor to make some money.

That’s all I got; signing off!