People who pay attention to the news see cases all the time in which wrongfully convicted people are released from prison as a result of a healthy review of the evidence, and as with the Houston, TX case of Josiah Sutton, a full exoneration based on a proper examination of the DNA evidence.

On Wednesday, November 5, 1986 at approximately 9 AM in the morning in the parking lot of St. Clair Community College out in Port Huron, Michigan Scott Macklem’s life was tragically Taken, but the wrong guy was convicted for it.

Within hours of murderous event Frederick Freeman was accused of the murder of Scott Macklem. This documentary on the case was produced over the course of nearly a decade and a half, 14 years to be exact, and is an overview of 14 years of investigation created by good people helping Frederick Freeman in the fight to regain his freedom. Infinity Films LLC worked with the group to produce the video.

The bad part about this case was from the beginning of it the police had already decided who the killer was, they only needed evidence to get the man they wanted with no regard for the possibility that it may have been, the murder that is, committed by another person.

The criminal justice system convicted Frederick Freeman on circumstantial evidence. The prosecution had a so-called eyewitness, a young man who was standing in the parking lot of the community college talking to his friend, who merely heard a sound and saw man drive out of the parking lot.